Chicken Diet Key Principles, Benefits, and Disadvantages

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Chicken Diet Key Principles, Benefits, and Disadvantages

Chicken often appears in various weight loss techniques. After all, it is not a very high-calorie source of protein, which saturates a person for a long period of time. In addition, chicken, thanks to the trace elements contained in it, has a positive effect on the digestive, metabolic and cardiovascular systems. Also, this type of meat goes well with most other diet foods. Based on the described properties of chicken, specialists in solving nutrition problems created a thirty two-day diet. It allows you to reduce weight by four to seven kilograms.

The rules of losing weight on chicken

Chicken should be the main source of protein. Therefore, it is advisable to use it in food at least once a day. You can use all parts of the chicken for consumption, that is, not only a dietary breast. For a greater effect, do not use skin — this will greatly reduce the calorie content of the dish.

Since the diet for this program is quite long, it is best to organize it in several stages. The first and third stages have a duration of five days. During these periods, the power system is reoriented. So, the first period is aimed at the immediate removal of foods prohibited on the diet, and the third is the reverse inclusion of these nutrients in the diet. As for the second period of the chicken diet comprare steroidi online, it lasts twenty-two days and is based on observing the rules of this method of weight loss and using the diet menu built on their basis.

Its better to add chicken to the diet: rice, non-fat dairy products, eggs, olive and other vegetable oil, fruits, buckwheat, oatmeal, mushrooms, sometimes seafood, self-cooked chicken sausages and sausages, fresh squeezed juices, vegetables, berries, nuts, honey, tea, flaxseed, seeds, herbs.

Thus, it is better to remove from everyday foods: figs, pastries, semolina and pearl barley, meat (except chicken), fish, legumes (except string beans), millet, alcohol, sweets, margarine, sugary drinks, hot spices, soy, fatty dairy products, fast food, butter, pine nuts, old potatoes, pickled products.

To improve the effectiveness of this technique, nutritionists advise using nutrition control methods. The best of them include: calorie count (it, in this case, per day should not exceed the mark of 1085 kilocalories, but this is individual and you should consult a doctor) or limiting the size of the portion (no more than 210 grams).

Advantages and disadvantages of a diet

The chicken weight loss technique has several advantages as a weight loss program.

1. It allows, firstly, to solve the problem of being overweight, eliminating a sufficiently large number of kilograms.

2.      Secondly, this program is not harmful to the body, as it is based on the use of a diverse diet, which can also be made independently.

3.      Thirdly, the chicken diet through rules identical to the tips with proper nutrition heals the body, improves digestion and accelerates metabolic processes.

4.      Fourth, this program is indirectly able to influence the improvement of culinary abilities and the development of nutrition planning skills.

5.      And finally, fifthly, this diet has a simple set of rules, so it is very convenient to follow.

Chicken Diet Has Disadvantages

These include:

1.      Firstly, the rejection of the use of some useful products. For example, from meat, fish and figs.

2.      Secondly, the disadvantage of this method of weight loss can be attributed to the use of energy intensity calculation. After all, this technique is time consuming.

As a result of the above, we can say:

You should deal with your health and body, as this will bring you good health, increase productivity and extend your life. We wish you success!

Write in the comments your experience with this diet. We will be very happy to know your progress 🙂

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Chicken Diet Key Principles, Benefits, and Disadvantages

Chicken often appears in various weight loss techniques. After all, ...