7 Arguments in Support of Having a Second Child

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7 Arguments in Support of Having a Second Child

According to statistics, every second married couple who has already had one child starts thinking about a second kid. Most families opt for one child only because they are uncertain about their future. So, is it worth limiting oneself to one kid or you should risk and give birth to another baby? Let’s find out how many advantages you and the first child will have if you choose the second option. Read more Sustainable and Natural Living.

1. The existence of a close person.

If you have an adequate home atmosphere, the second child will become the best friend and the closest person to your first-born. Nobody knows what fate awaits the first baby, whether they will easily go through life or they will need a strong brotherly/ sisterly shoulder. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to have two lovely kids or not.

2. Saving the child from selfishness.

There is a clear distinction between children from large families and those who are the only kids in the family. Children in big families are always less selfish. They understand from a small age that the world does not revolve around them, that they have family members who also need attention and on whom parents also spend their time and finances.

3. More active development.

Babies who have elder siblings (especially if they have a little age difference) tend to develop faster than their peers. They have an example in the form of an elder brother or sister, from whom they «read» all the habits and manner of communication. Younger children usually need less time because they always have one who becomes a role model.

4. Communication skills.

There is no doubt that the younger children in the family are always open to new acquaintances and are more communicative than their peers. Regular close communication with brothers and sisters always positively affects the progress and development of both younger and elder children.

5. Self-confidence.

It has already been mentioned that the only children in the family are more likely to become real egoists, but the paradox is that this fact absolutely does not give them self-confidence. Children from big families are always much more confident in themselves than those who do not have brothers and sisters. The main reason is that the child feels the protection in the form of many close relatives.

6. Stimulus.

When a second child is born in the family, parents almost always have an incentive to achieve greater heights. Of course, money will not fall on your head when a new member of the family appears. Nonetheless, you will probably have a desire and a reason to improve your well-being after the birth of the second baby.

7. Happy future.

Children from families with more than one child are statistically much more successful in their personal lives. It is difficult to explain this phenomenon, but it’s possible to assume that such children have a correct understanding of the family model and strong relationship since birth. So, the above-mentioned arguments are quite weighty to think about having another kid.

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